We understand that assignments are time consuming and that some people have built up significant portfolios of code that can be used to demonstrate competence. You may choose to submit a portfolio of your code in place of doing one of the listed assignments.

Your portfolio can include code from assignments you have done for other companies, personal projects, or professional projects.


Accepted languages

These are the languages we tend to use to implement new solutions here at the Techno Creatives, in alphabetical order:

We also sometimes have to work with, and accept and can review any codebases written in the following languages, in alphabetical order:

There is no penalty associated with supplying a portfolio in any language listed above.

If the language your project is written in is not listed here, we can unfortunately not accept it as we would not be able to competently assess the quality of the given codebases.

Project types

Please select 1 to 3 projects that demonstrate any of the following:

Your projects may all be of the same criteria (ie, you could submit 3 Android apps) or a mix of criteria, at your discretion.

Your submitted projects may be in any number of languages that are in our "Accepted languages" list.

The codebases should be of reasonable size, but should be no less than 250 lines of code in any given language. For large projects, you are welcome to point us to areas you find particularly interesting and that you want use to look at specifically.

Submission requirements

For each item submitted, we would like documentation of the following:

This information may be provided in a README in the code repository or as part the email providing the links to said repositories.

Assessment criteria

We will assess your submission based on the following:

These things are not assessed or otherwise penalised in any way:

Additional information

If we determine that the portfolio does not meet our assessible criteria, we will request that you do one of our assignments.

Email template

A sample template is provided for your convenience.

Project: [project name]
URL: [url to code, or refer to attached files on email]

What problem is the code designed to solve?

[fill out]

Why did you implement your solution the way you did?

[fill out]

How can we test and assess this project?

[fill out]

Known issues:

[fill out or mark not applicable]

Any other additional information:

[fill out or delete section]